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Technical Support

Bristol Instruments supports the products we sell with technical assistance on specifying and integrating them into your application. Contact us with your specific questions or to learn more.

White Papers

This section contains Bristol Instruments White Papers covering 'how to', application and new technology information for applications requiring the product categories we cover.

Pressure Sensor Accuracy

How to determine the actual accuracy a pressure sensor will provide for your application, not just the ideal accuracy specified.

White Paper


Panel Meter Selection

Items to review to select the best panel meter for your specific application. Helping you get more for your application while saving time and money.

White Paper


PC Board Manufacturing and Assembly

Together with our partner Orbit Merret, Bristol Instruments provides pc board manufacturing, assembly and testing services at very competitive pricing. Contact us to learn more.

Programming Instruments From Your PC

Download the OM Link Program


The OM Link Program is used for easy set up and control of Orbit Merret measuring instruments as well as for firmware upgrade and on-screen visualization of measured values. It can be used for setting input type, input range, linearization, tare, mathematical formulas, display brightness, display color(s), set points, etc - depending on product capabilities.

It is primaily used with an OM Link interface/cable available from Bristol Instruments for a small charge.

The OM link interface is a standard with practically all currently made microcontroller based devices. This interface is not galvanic isolated yet is designed to withstand electromagnetic interference, hence is not suitable for programming use in industrial environments. If a permanent connection to a PC is required, optional data output can be used (galvanic isolated and interference resilient). When using the OM Link standard interface a special convertor to USB is needed. If optional data output is used, a direct connection is possible to PC if RS 232 is present on both ends, or RS 485/232 to USB convertor is needed.

You can order the convertor (versionUSB or RS232) from Bristol Instruments.