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Programmable AC network analyzer

Model OM 402PWR is a programmable 4-digit alternating current V-A panel meter with functions for network analysis. Based on a single-chip microcontroller with A/D convertor, this instrument can be configured for 10 different input range/type settings, that are easily accessible in the instrument's menu. The OM 402PWR is designed to measure voltage, current, active power, frequency and with calculations, reactive power, apparent power and cos fi.

The instrument is based on a single-chip microcontroller with a true RMS converter with very good accuracy, stability and ease of opertion.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Input: AC current or voltage
  • Displays values -99999 to 999999
  • Red, green or 3-color LEDs
  • AC Ammeter, voltmeter, Wattmeter, frequency meter
  • Functions: min/max, peak, tare, math functions
  • Custom linearization settings
  • Digital filters: floating/exp./Arithmetic average, rounding
OM 402PWR data sheet

Data Sheet

Display Range Accuracy Power Output Size

20 mm:
red or green
or 14 mm:
red, green, orange

0 to 1 A
0 to 2.5 A
0 to 5 A
0 to 60 mV
0 to 150 mV
0 to 300 mV
0 to 10 V
0 to 120 V
0 to 250 V
0 to 450 V

±0.3 % (of range)

10 to 30 VDC/24 VAC
or 80 to 250 V AC/DC

0 to 4x relay

1/8 DIN
bezel: 96 x 48 mm
cutout: 92 x 45 mm

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