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Signal Conditioners

A Signal Conditioner is a device that converts one type of electrical signal into another type of signal. In most cases, this is meant to take a signal that is difficult to read and convert it into one that is more easily readable by most types of instrumentation. Common signal inputs accepted by signal conditioners include AC current and AC voltage, DC current and DC voltage, frequency and process. Sensors that can be directly connected include strain gauge, temperature and others. Whatever inputs or outputs are required; Ram Meter Inc. can help to select the proper device for your signal conditioning needs.


The OMX 39 Series of analog signal conditioners accept analog inputs and provide buffered, isolated and scaled analog outputs. They are for strictly analog I/O applications and have zero and span adjustments.

They accept signals from sensors and other analog inputs including voltage, current and resistance. They provide necessary conditioning which can include one or more of these functions: signal amplification, electrical isolation, signal attenuation, excitation, linearization and compensation for RTDs, depending on the device and what the application requires.

The OMX 39 Series of signal conditioners can be DIN rail mounted and are ordered with a specified inout and output range.

• Accepts voltage, current, RTD or resistance inputs
• Isolated
• Voltage or current analog output
• DC, AC and AC Power models
• For applications that need analog in to analog out signal conditioning

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